Caring for a New Puppy in Wilmington, DE: What You Need to Know

When you have a new puppy in your family, it’s important to make sure you understand the basics of caring for a new puppy in Wilmington. Bringing a pet into your household is an exciting time for everyone, but it can also be stressful and confusing for you and the puppy both.

Caring for a new puppy in Wilmington, DE

Important Information About Caring for a New Puppy in Wilmington, DE

In this article, we’ll explore some of the necessary information that can help you and your puppy get started right. With these tips and suggestions, you can make the most of the first few months with your puppy and ensure you both bond well for the future, too.

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New Puppy Shots

It’s very important to keep up with your puppy’s shots from day one. Depending on how old your new puppy when you bring him home, you may be able to get started on his shots right away, or you might need to wait a little while. Your veterinarian in Wilmington, DE will give you more information about when to begin and when to return for booster shots, too.

Since puppies are very susceptible to disease before they receive vaccinations, you should keep your dog inside as much as possible until he gets started on these shots.

New Puppy Training

It’s never too early to start your puppy learning the training that can help him become a well-behaved adult dog. You should begin with house training, as this will be the most important in the early months you spend with your puppy.

As soon as your puppy eats or drinks anything, take him outside to potty. Always return to the same spot each time. If he goes, give him a puppy-safe training treat and praise him so he knows he’s doing something right. As time goes on, he will learn when he is supposed to potty and where.

Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Puppies in Wilmington like to chew, and there is sometimes no end to what they will find to chew on. This can include your favorite items as well as items that are unsafe for them, so it’s crucial when caring for a new puppy to puppy-proof your home before you ever bring your new dog inside.

Make sure to lock low-level cabinets and drawers with heavy-duty metal latches and locks, as puppies can and often do chew through plastic ones. You may also want to install a baby gate to help contain your puppy to one part of your home or keep him out of another.

Socializing and Bonding

Puppies should be kept away from other dogs until they receive their first vaccinations, for their health. However, once your dog has started getting his puppy shots, he is free to meet other dogs that are healthy and vaccinated. Always keep your puppy on a leash and start him early on leash training for his safety as well as that of other dogs.

We recommend avoiding dog parks until your puppy has had all of his vaccinations.  You may, however, choose to take your dog to puppy classes or allow him to socialize with other vaccinated and healthy puppies in Wilmington.

Handling Behavioral Issues

Puppies are young and inexperienced, and even with a lot of attention given to their training from day one, it’s hard to help them understand what constitutes good and bad behavior. Because of this, one of the most important keys of caring for a new puppy is to make sure you always stay patient when dealing with him.

Remember that negative reinforcement is never a good idea with puppies, as it will only teach them to fear situations or fear you. Instead, use positive reinforcement to make sure your puppy knows when he’s doing something you want him to do again in the future.

When to Spay or Neuter

Finally, you should have your puppy spayed or neutered as soon as your vet in Wilmington thinks it’s safe to do so. This can help prevent a variety of health issues as well as some behavioral issues in your puppy as he gets older, and it can keep him from wandering in search of a mate, too. Additionally, it helps control the overpopulation of pets in your area.

Most puppies can be spayed or neutered as early as six months, however the best age for spay and neuter can be determined with your vet.

Find a Vet in Wilmington, DE to Help Care for Your New Puppy

Now that you’ve had a chance to familiarize yourself with some necessary basics on caring for a new puppy in Wilmington, you can feel more comfortable about bringing home a furry family member. Of course, there are always going to be unexpected situations that arise with your puppy, some of which will be good and some not so good.

For this reason, it’s important to establish a strong working connection with your vet right away and ensure you keep your puppy up to date on routine health care too. When you have a trusted vet to rely on, you can feel more relaxed and enjoy your time bonding with your new puppy.

At Wilmington Animal Hospital, our compassionate team knows how important your puppy is to you, which is why we develop customized wellness plans to help keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible. We work with you to make sure your pets always gets the care they need and we’re always here to answer questions about your puppy’s care.