Letter Home (to WAH): The First Update

Catherine is an employee at WAH and a third year veterinary student. We love her emails to us and wanted to share one with you.

Hello WAH Family!
While my parents text me with updates about how unseasonably warm it is back in Delaware, I donned a wool coat in the first week of September. Though Sebastian is rejoicing in the crispness of this autumn weather, I am refusing to accept autumn weather before it is actually autumn on the calendar.

Speaking of the animals, the new little kitten, Jalapeno, is settling in very well. He and Dory would play all day long if they didn’t have to eat or sleep. Essie tolerates him enough to let him sleep next to her. Jalapeno is infatuated with Sebastian. He splits his time at night between our bed and Sebastian’s (which Sebby is only okay with because he sleeps so soundly that he doesn’t notice the kitten trying to be his little spoon).

And now for classes this year. The only way you can fully appreciate this is if I list them: Cardiorespiratory Diseases of Small Animals, Musculoskeletal Diseases of Small Animals, Neurology & Ophthalmology for Small Animals, Small Animal Medical Exercises, Large Animal Clinical Techniques, Food Animal Medicine, Equine Medicine, Exotic Pet Medicine, Principles of Integrative Medicine, and Small Animal Radiology I. For those of you that went to the trouble to count the total was TEN. I am taking TEN classes. Because I didn’t think a full vet school curriculum was enough, I am voluntarily taking an online course through the University of Florida on Shelter Animal Disease.

Occasionally I sleep and eat, but mostly I just sit in class and listen to lectures about eye balls and dairy cow mastitis. In fact, tomorrow I have a lecture in Food Animal Medicine entitled, “The Teat.” That’s right, all this money I am spending on vet school tuition and tomorrow afternoon I will be sitting through a 50 minute lecture on a cow’s nipple. Mentally invigorating. On the bright side, last week I got to draw blood from a dog! It was sooooooo cool. I wish I had a job where I could do stuff like blood draws all day long! 🙂  [Note: Catherine DID have a job in which she drew blood all day long- at WAH!]

Hope all is well! Another update to come again soon!