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Dental Month: January & February

At Wilmington Animal Hospital, we feel very strongly that overall health is tied to oral health.  We believe in high quality dentistry performed by our doctors and assisted by technicians trained in dentistry.  Every January and February, we offer a 10% discount on our dental services.

During the month of February this year, we will be offering 10% of dental work plus a $50 credit towards future anesthetic dentistry or $25 credits towards future labwork.

Senior Pet Wellness: March & April, September & October

At Wilmington Animal Hospital, we offer twice yearly comprehensive physical exams and blood work screening for feline and canine patients older than 8 years of age.  This special is available in March and April, as well as September and October.  It is an excellent opportunity to monitor pets who take chronic medications or to get a baseline assessment of the health of senior pets.


We offer a free nail trim for patients with any doctor’s exam scheduled on a Tuesday.  Just request the Toesday special.