The Fall Itchies

Is your pup or kitty itching more than ever this Fall?  It seems that every year, we see increased numbers of itching dogs and cats and an increased number of ear infections starting at the end of August and extending through November.

There are two main causes for the head-shaking and scratching that seem to develop every year at this time…seasonal allergies and fleas!


Seasonal allergies cause the Fall ear infection your pet has developed.  In our area, there is a definite uptick in cases of foot-licking and chewing, dermatitis, and ear infections right now.  If you find the licking, chewing, and head-shaking to be unbearable, be sure to schedule an appointment for your pet to be examined.  Now, more than ever, there are great non-steroid options to treat itching in dogs.  Although there are fewer new drug options for cats, we are still able to help support our feline friends through allergy season.

The other big cause of itching and dermatitis right now is fleas.  The Fall season is also Flea season.  Many pets (including indoor kitties) can be exposed to fleas and can often be allergic to them.  As the weather cools, many pet owners stop using flea preventatives, but this is actually the time of year that flea protection is increasingly important.  Should your dog or cat have fleas, it is best to treat him or her with flea preventative for 4 months in a row in order to break the flea life cycle.  It is also very important to treat every dog or cat in the household.  If you are caring for outdoor cats, it is also helpful to treat them with flea preventative in order to help your indoor pets to get rid of the fleas more quickly.

Please reach out to us if you need help making your pets more comfortable this Fall season.