In-home Pet Care in Wilmington

At-Home Care for Your Pet

At Wilmington Animal Hospital, we understand that the needs of some pets are best served by providing them with care in their familiar surroundings.  While we are not a “house-call” veterinary practice, we are willing to provide in-home visits for our own patients.  Home visits must be scheduled in advance and are not designed for emergent or ill patients.  A doctor and a technician are able to perform examinations, consultations, vaccination, and blood testing services in your home.  Imaging, surgery, sedation and other procedures are best provided in our hospital.

Euthanasia is a procedure that is sometimes best done in the home environment.  We are happy to provide this service to our patients in non-emergent situations and as our schedule permits.  We truly feel that pets and their people should be comfortable and at ease during this difficult time and will do everything we can to make it a peaceful experience.