Meet Our Support Team

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Stephanie Connell

Stephanie Connell, Practice Manager

Stephanie Connell has been with Wilmington Animal Hospital since 1988.  She has held many positions at WAH before taking over the responsibility for management of the business, customer service, and support staff.

Stephanie is extremely dedicated to WAH and its employees.  She is an excellent problem-solver and strives to provide clients and pets with the very best veterinary experience.

At home, Stephanie’s dedication is to her husband, John and her four children.  She lives with her dogs Karma, Annie and Poppi and enjoys gardening, home decorating, and sipping coffee at the mall with her girls.


Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Erika Zerebecki

Erika Zerebecki, LVT

Erika Zerebecki has been a licensed veterinary technician at Wilmington Animal Hospital since 2011.  Erika graduated from Camden County College in 2010 with a degree in Veterinary Technology.  She is a Supervisor for the technician team and has many management responsibilities, in addition to her technician responsibilities.

Erika feels strongly about tailoring veterinary care to individual patient needs and helps to incorporate animal behavior and temperament into each patient’s care assessment and plan.  She emphasizes low-stress handling and positive patient experience techniques to her technician team. 

Erika lives with many rescue dogs and cats, as well as chickens and ducks.  In her free-time, she provides hospice care for senior dogs and cats and enjoys gardening, hiking with her dogs, and drinking wine.

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Sarah Pyle

Sarah Pyle, LVT

Sarah Pyle has been a veterinary technician at Wilmington Animal Hospital since 2001.  She is a licensed veterinary technician, but has also worked as a kennel technician, grooming assistant, and overnight emergency room technician. 

Sarah is dedicated to client education and creating a lasting bond with patients and clients.  She is responsible for medical and surgical care of patients, as well as staff continuing education, inventory assistance, and dosimetry management.  Sarah genuinely cares for her patients and coworkers.  She works to individualize high quality care plans for each pet based upon their individual needs.

Sarah has one cat named Wicci WooWoo and a new Delaware Humane Association foster-failure, BeBe.  She enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, tubing, swimming, gardening and camping.  Sarah also spends time with family and friends, cooking, and vacationing in Jim Thorpe, PA

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Janey Kramlik

Janey Kramlik, LVT

Janey Kramlik has been with Wilmington Animal Hospital since 1997.  She has a BS in Animal Science with a minor in Biology from the University of Delaware and works as a licensed veterinary technician at WAH.  Janey is also the Zoo Hospital Manager at the Brandywine Zoo. 

Janey’s work as a zoo-keeper gives her a unique set of skills that enhance patient care and client education at WAH.  Her dedication to patients and attention to detail mean that all of her patients get thorough and high quality care.  Janey considers WAH a family and treats her patients and clients as part of the WAH family. 

Janey is a member of the Delaware Bee Keepers Association, the American Association of Zoo Keepers, the Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians, the North American Veterinary Technician Association, and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.  She spends her free-time with her husband and daughters.  Janey enjoys gardening, cleaning, reading, and being outdoors.

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Billy Alles

Billy Alles

Billy Alles joined the team at Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2013.  He has a BS in Animal and Food Science from the University of Delaware and is currently enrolled in a human nursing program at Delaware Technical Community College.  Billy is a veterinary technician and also helps out as a pet care technician.

Billy has a lengthy history working for non-profit animal welfare organizations and shelters, and brings his skills and knowledge to WAH.  He feels strongly about client communication and patient care, but most enjoys helping sick and injured patients.  He fosters teamwork and emphasizes quality of care for all of his patients.

Billy has two dogs, Kira and Luca.  When he is not studying or working, he spends time with friends, going to the beach, running, and hiking.  He also just enjoys hanging out and being lazy with his dogs.

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Alison Kowalski

Alison Kowalski

Alison Kowalski joined Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2014 as a technician assistant and a pet care technician.   She is currently enrolled in a pre-vet program at the University of Delaware with a minor in Biology and Entrepreneurial Studies.  She is also certified in artificial insemination of dairy cattle.

Alison’s passion for animals and veterinary medicine as well as her calm demeanor make her excellent at providing compassionate and safe restraint of patients.   Her favorite part of her job is cuddling with needy and sick patients.

Alison is a member of Canine Companions for Independence and lives with her cats Ellen and Oliver, and her dog, Jessie.  She likes swing dancing, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, photography, and sculpture.

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Ilyssa Weiss

Ilyssa Weiss

Ilyssa Weiss joined Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2017 as a veterinary technician.  She brings two years of experience in the field and a tremendous amount of empathy for patients and their people.

Ilyssa enjoys helping people through difficult times.  She grew up in North Wilmington and is especially happy to be able to assist clients and patients in her hometown community.

Ilyssa has three young cats – Griselda, Ursula, and Willow.  In her free time, she pet sits and spends time with her family.  She loves to vacation in Florida or just relax at the Delaware beaches.

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt joined Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2017 as a veterinary technician.  She has a degree in business management and had worked as a veterinary technician in North Carolina for 3 years before joining WAH.

Jennifer appreciates the love that people have for their animals and really likes assisting as a surgical nurse.  She uses her excellent sense of humor to help her coworkers get through long days.  Her favorite thing about working at WAH is the amount of time the care team is able to spend with individual patients and clients.

Jennifer has three rescue pets – a rat terrier mix named Foxy, and two cats named Aurora and Vincent.  In her free time, she plays volleyball and softball, goes to Orioles games, wine festivals, and concerts.  She is also working towards her Captain’s license for boating.

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Shana Steinhoff

Shana Steinhoff

Shana Steinhoff joined Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2015.  She has brought her knowledge of the pet care industry to WAH as a receptionist.  She also has marketing and promotional responsibilities. 

Shana makes it a point to remember clients and patients and works hard to form a relationship with them.  She feels connected to WAH because she shares the belief that WAH doctors and staff should genuinely care about the well-being of every pet that walks through our doors. 

Shana has a dog named Bentley and geckos.  She enjoys spending time with Bentley and hiking and camping. 


Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Debbie Clark

Debbie Clark

Debbie Clark has been with Wilmington Animal Hospital since 1995.  She has worked as a veterinary technician, pet care technician, and is currently the Supervisor of the reception team at WAH. 

Debbie’s warmth and knowledge of veterinary medicine are unparalleled.  She greets clients with a smile or kind words, and works tirelessly to solve their problems.  She uses her supervisory role to impart her people skills on WAH’s reception team. 

Debbie lives with her husband and two dogs, Baron and Molly.  She spends her free time with her family and children, traveling, volunteering at church, and fostering dogs for animal shelters.

Angel holding small white dog

Angelia Cox-Sedliak

Angelia (Angel) Cox-Sedliak joined Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2016.  She is part of the reception team and has over 10 years of experience working in an animal hospital. 

Angel thoroughly enjoys just talking with clients and tries hard to make a connection with each client.  She is new to the WAH team, but already feels like she is part of the family. 

Angel has a dog named Gizmo and two cats named Mia and Mojo.  She enjoys beach camping and jet-skiing in the summer.  She also likes to stay active by going to the gym, biking, hiking, and traveling. 

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Jessica Clews

Jessica Clews

Jessica Clews joined Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2017.  From Ireland, she has been in the animal field for over ten years.  Jessica has worked in a lobster hatchery, a veterinary hospital, and on a farm prior to joining WAH.

Jessica enjoys meeting all of the cute patients and uses her Irish accent to make sure the clients have the best experience possible.  She loves the family feeling at WAH and likes the opportunity to interact with clients and their pets.

Jessica has a zoology degree in addition to all of her animal healthcare experience.  She has a dog named Chance and two cats named Nala and Zoe.  She enjoys travel, movies, and being around family and friends.

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Melissa Hanley

Melissa Hanley

Melissa Hanley joined Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2018 as a receptionist and animal caretaker.  She brings four years of experience in the field after working with a mobile veterinarian and pet-sitting.

Melissa likes interaction with both patients and clients.  She likes spending time with the boarders to help make their stay more comfortable.  Melissa’s empathy for animals and their people help her to make provide the best care possible.  After moving to Delaware from Pennsylvania, she is happy to have found a work family at WAH.

Melissa enjoys spending time with friends and family.  She especially loves the outdoors, walking her dog, pet-sitting and dog-walking.

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Sue Teagarden

Sue Teagarden

Sue Teagarden joined Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2018 as a receptionist.  She brings 3 years of animal experience working with Forgotten Cats with their Trap Neuter Vaccinate Release program.  Sue holds a degree in Art and has completed education as a Certified Veterinary Assistant.

Sue likes meeting all of the people coming into WAH and wants to help keep their pets healthy. Her goal is to make sure every human and pet has a good experience at our hospital.  One of her most important traits is that she is unafraid of ferocious felines.

Sue provides a home to many “foster failures” – Frankie and old lady torti and her annoying little brothers, Archie, Teddie Bear, Spike, Anonymous, and a house panther named BB. She also has a constant ever present flow of foster kittens.  She makes art related to the cats she has met at the shelter and draws, tinkers, and makes jewelry in her free time.

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Crystal Litteral

Crystal Litteral

Crystal Litteral joined Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2018 as a receptionist.  She brings 12 years of animal experience working as a founder of an animal rescue, a dog trainer, and Animal Care and Control Director, and a receptionist.  Crystal holds a BS in Family and Community Services.

Crystal likes helping people and their pets in her role at WAH.  She also has experience as an obedience trainer and a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Crystal has a variety of dogs and cats (too many Jbecause of rescue).  Her hobbies are mostly animal related, as she is the Director of A Buddy for Life, Inc.  As she says, in her free-time, “All I do is take care of animals.”  For Crystal, animals are truly her passion.

Pet Care Technicians

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Nicki Paul

Nicki Paul

Nicki Paul has been with Wilmington Animal Hospital since 2008 as a pet care technician in the boarding kennel.  She currently leads the pet care team, assists the veterinary technicians, and does therapeutic grooming. 

Nicki runs the kennel at WAH and oversees day-to-day building maintenance and housekeeping.  She is great at understanding animal behavior and cues and uses this skill to safely and compassionately restrain some of our more difficult patients.  Nicki is an excellent photographer and uses her talent to capture wonderful photographs of patients and the care team at WAH.  She is also quite bonded to the dogs and cats she cares for regularly in the kennel and enjoys this close relationship.

Nicki has many pets that include horses Wyatt, Thaddeus Martin, Huckleberry, and River; dogs Stormy and Mavis; chickens Wilma and Wanda, Norma and Francine, and Merle and Daphne; and a cat named Baby.  She spends most of her time outside of WAH riding and grooming her horses.  She also enjoys going to watch bands and playing bingo. 

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Tyler Sheahan

Tyler Sheahan

Tyler Sheahan joined Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2017 as a pet care technician.  She uses her 3 years of pet care experience to take care of our boarding patients and help our technicians.

Tyler loves walking the dogs and just spending time with them.  She has passion for animals and also feels deep compassion for pets and their owners.  She enjoys the family atmosphere at WAH and likes that everyone cares about the patients and the clients.

Tyler has a Boston Terrier named Chooch, German Shepherds named Kane and Bella, and a “jug” named Sugar.  In her free time, Tyler likes to draw and art projects.  She participates in the American Cancer Society bike ride and fishes with her Dad.

Veterinary Staff in Wilmington: Elise Rose Cordero

Elise Rose Cordero

Elise Cordero joined Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2018 as a pet care technician.  She is currently enrolled in school studying animal care and veterinary assistance.

Elise likes taking care of the animals in the boarding kennel, specifically walking, bathing, and feeding them.  Her goal is maintain a clean and healthy environment for our patients.   She likes working at WAH because of the homey and genuine feel…a feeling for both the staff and the clients.

Elise likes to spend time with her mixed breed dog Maddie, watching movies, and cuddling.  She also enjoys drawing and painting.

Hospital Cat

Nellie the Cat

Nellie the Cat

Nellie the Cat is a Delaware Humane Association Alumna who joined the staff of Wilmington Animal Hospital in 2017.

Nellie is a very soft fuzzy ball of confidence and decided right away that the hospital would be her home. She adopted the full staff.

She brings several years of experience being a cat but her main role at WAH is to provide joy and stress-relief to her humans.

Her early mornings are a mystery since she has the run of the place before we all arrive. We assume/hope she is patrolling the floor for intruders, or finishing up our paperwork. It would appear that running laps or other calensthetics are not part of her repertoire.

During the day she can be found hanging out in the offices or sneaking into the kennel to perform her dance and chorus for snacks. She likes to watch the staff while we do our human things.

She does set aside a portion of the day for naps. She efficiently avoids pesky dogs by matching her nap time with the hours that the most dogs are in the waiting room.

Nellie knows several words of the human language and purposely chooses to ignore certain ones she feels unimportant. She has keen hearing and knows quickly when a cat food can is opened.

Nellie has her own Facebook and Instagram pages: “Nellie the Cat”, where she likes to provide updates on her life at WAH.